Tour Guide: Salvador, Bahia

A knowledgable guide to Salvador, Cachoeira & the Recôncavo, and up and down the coast...

Email Telephone 55 (Brazil) 71(Salvador) +55 71 9976-2049 Whatsapp: +55 71 9976-2049

Marcio Pereira is something rare in Bahia, a multilingual tour guide, and gentleman (speaking -- in addition to his native Portuguese -- English, French, and Spanish). He is smart, dependable, well-organized, intimately acquainted with Salvador, and able to organize tours, day trips, vans and buses for larger groups, boat cruises, hotel reservations and more.
2. Marcio specializes particularly in Afro-Bahian culture...Cachoeira's Festa da Boa Morte, Santo Amaro, candomblé, capoeira Angola, Carnival music and dance, history and development...

He may be reached via e-mail at or by telephone at 55 (Brazil) 71 (Salvador) 9976-2049.
Organized trips from United Estates to Brazil: Cell: US:310-384-3764

Whatsapp: +55 71 9976-2049
Cell: +55 71 9976-2049


(See Temple University's letter-of-recomendation below.)

Email him at or call him at 55 (Brazil) 71(Salvador) 9994-1074.


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